Is Your Freezer Working fine? Take Advantage of Summer with these DIY Creative freezer cubes!

Is your Freezer working fine? Take advantage of Summer with these DIY Creative freezed cubes!

Make Cleaners for the Garbage Disposal

Keeping the garbage disposal clean can be as simple as freezing some vinegar and lemon in your ice cube tray. Just place a lemon slice in each slot and then fill over the lemon with vinegar. These will freeze in just a couple of hours and then you can take them out of the tray and store in a Ziploc bag in the freezer. Just drop a cube or two down the disposal and run water over them whenever you want a fresh, clean smelling garbage disposal.

Make Gummy Worm Cubes

If your kids love gummy worms and prefer things on the gross side, you can make them these adorable gummy worm cubes that are perfect for Halloween or just any time they want a unique and somewhat weird snack. You just have to freeze fruit punch (or you could use juice or any other liquid, really) and then add the worms before you freeze. Put popsicle sticks in them for great frozen treats or use them to keep fruit punch or juice really cold.

Make Herbal Ice Cubes

Imagine how beautiful your iced teas and other drinks will look this summer when you add herbal ice cubes to them. You can create lovely cubes of frozen flowers (that are perfectly edible by the way) and add them to lemonade, tea or anything else you may be drinking. This is a great trick for summer barbeques and parties and makes ice a bit more interesting. You could also freeze the flowers in whatever drink you are serving so that the ice won’t water your drink down as it melts.

Make Frozen Coffee Cubes

If you love iced coffee, use your ice cube trays to create coffee cubes that will keep iced coffees cold without watering them down. Whenever you have coffee left over in the pot, just add to the ice cube trays and freeze. Then store the cubes in a freezer bag and take them out as needed. This is also a great way to cool down coffee that may be a bit too hot without actually using plain water. It’s also good for keeping coffee on hand for certain recipes that may call for it so you don’t have to brew a pot just to have a few spoonfuls.

Make Wine Cubes

If you tend to have wine left over after dinner parties or you just have a bottle or two that only has a bit left in the bottom, you can freeze wine cubes in your ice cube trays. You just pour the wine into the cube slots and allow it to freeze. Once frozen, you can use those wine cubes to add to other drinks when you really don’t want ice melting in them or use them in your favorite recipes that call for a tablespoon or two of wine. You can keep wine cubes for a year or longer and just store them in a freezer bag for future use.