7 Simple Steps to Picking Your Perfect Refrigerator

1. Don’t pick an appliance based on features unless you can afford them – new features take more parts and typically speaking they are the first thing to break. If you are buying a brand new refrigerator make sure you buy the extended warranty or your appliance will be not covered usually 1 year from purchase date.

2. Look at how many years the appliance you are looking at has been in production. Each brand has lots of different models a model that lasts the test of time probably will have less trouble than one that is first years model.

3. Have a backup refrigerator in the garage! If you are buying a new refrigerator, have a backup older machine in your garage or laundry room. This can save you tons of money when the new one stops working.

4. Put a whole house surge protector on your home – a whole house surge protector will protect those computer boards in the machine and your pocketbook.

5. Pick something that is well made and works with the food you typically use. Don’t put to much weight in drawers to where they squeak or make funny noises.

6. Pick something that you like the way it looks and works. If you don’t like it don’t get it. The best appliance out there is not for you if it is something you can not use.

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